Public Announcement

About Counterfeit Check

August 9, 2018

Since 1997, in the medical sector in Turkey, especially in Konya, We continue our work successfully, and we are also the dealership of many leading manufacturers of our country and the world. Within the framework of our company's commercial activities, we work with many banks, and we make some of our payments by check. Recently, information was obtained that fake checks were designed by copying our check stubs using the name of our company, and a criminal complaint was filed with the Public Prosecutor's Office in order to punish those concerned in the most severe way. It has been deemed necessary to make the following statement in order to ensure that the public is properly informed about the process of copying check sheets, which are understood to be fraudulent; By issuing counterfeit checks, it is aimed to gain unfair advantage by taking advantage of the reliability of our company in the market. not available. These fake checks, which are given the impression that they belong to our company but have nothing to do with our company, should definitely not be trusted, confirmation from our company is absolutely necessary to avoid exposure to a fraudulent event. It is important to obtain confirmation from our company in this regard by contacting our company by phone +90 (332) 353 87 87 or by e-mail in order to prevent the victimization of benevolent third parties against the said fraudulent acts. Otherwise, it is beyond the explanation that our company has no responsibility for the grievances that may occur. >Sincerely,

Makromed Medical Technical Machinery and Health Materials Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti.